RMIT BA (Honours) Fashion collaboration with Belinda Sorrentino 2018

These masks were created to explore organic lines, disruption and glitches. Made in collaboration with Belinda Sorrentino for her graduate collection of Fashion at RMIT (Honours), 2018.

Fashion: Belinda Sorrentino (Sorrentino Studios) @belsorrentinodesigns
Photographer: Charlie @igotshotbycharlie

These masks were custom, and this is the magic created with them. 

Interview through here
Instargam @missingmissg
Interview of Neoma Lun, for Ravished Now Magazine 

“Neoma started her musical career just two years ago at the blossoming age of sixteen. Now, eighteen-years-old, she has resonated fully in love with the beauty, power, and inspiration of the music that she given birth to. Her goal, in the beginning, was to connect with others in an artistic way that would lead to bigger and broader ranks, expanding beyond what she felt kept her in a box in her home town due to classist objectification. “People do support art,” she explains about living as an artist in Ecuador, “but people judge you if you don’t have a ‘good’ last name and that was me.”

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Dawn Richard

Wore a mask on tour for her New Breed tour at her show in Hamburg in 2019

Bandcamp through here 
Home shoot, Winter 2020 (During Melbourne’s lockdown for Covid)

              "With a mask, especially in the times of a world health pandemic, it’s interesting in two ways. In one way we now wear them to protect ourselves and others physically. There is also the personal side to the mask as we are all spending much more time alone or with a smaller group of people – with endless time to look further into ourselves and perhaps see parts we don’t normally reveal. In turn, we can also see other people as our mirrors as we have less distractions. There becomes this physical representation of the inner and outer worlds which we all contain, which can also parallel to the new distances created between being inside and outside literally from our houses. These are handmade masks finished during June-July 2020 during Melbourne’s more open part of winters lockdown. One of these I had started over year ago but became a project on the side. Upon having a lack of inspiration for new projects and more time than ever I was able to finish this off and make a few others. My housemate Mae Hartrick is really interested in styling and photography, so naturally, this led to us tossing up the idea of having an at-home shoot combining our creative interests." - Courtney Hogan

This work with accompanying writing featured in Temp Contemps exhibition, “Show us your ‘Rona” at the Bridget Kennedy Project Space, Sydney.

Models: Indigo Walton-Guerin, Mae Hartrick and Courtney Hogan.
Photography: Aleksander Markovic and Mae Hartrick